Game is still under Development. This is an Beta release.

NonoBlock is based on the puzzle game Nonogram. In NonoBlock's current state,
you start out with a 2x2 puzzle, and each level adds another row+column to the grid.
All levels are 100% randomized, so there's no telling what you will get. It can get very challenging.

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How to Play:
Just like in a normal nonogram game, the game is played by process of elimination.
You use the numbers to figure out which White squares should actually be Black.
The numbers on the top and side will tell you how many sequential Black squares are
supposed to be in that row or column. When there is more then one number
shown for a row or column, that signifies you have more then one set of sequential
Black squares. In that case, there will always be at least one White square
between two sets of Black Squares. Use the "X" face on the block, to aid you in
solving the puzzle. If you are still feeling confused, Click Here.

Mouse to Click and Drag.
Mouse Wheel To Zoom.