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What are QR Codes?:
A QR code is a lot like a barcode you see on most products. QR codes are a great way to share information like websites and contact info. They can be scanned using your camera equipped device and a proper QR code processing app (For Android, I use the Barcode Scanner App, and on iPhone I use QR Reader for iPhone.) Once the code is scanned and processed, it takes you directly to the URL on your device, or shows you whatever else was encoded in the QR code. I love the ease ability of QR codes, just a quick scan, and the content is on your device. For Example, there is a great plug-in for Google Chrome called QR-Code Tag (For Firefox there’s Mobile Barcode) which lets you generate a QR code for the site you are currently viewing. This is super handy if your reading an article, and need to take it on the go. So, what about reading a QR code from your phone to your desktop computer? Well, surprisingly that wasn’t as easy. I spent some time digging around the internet, and could not find a good cross-platform application for reading QR codes onto your desktop computer. The only thing I found that was somewhat close, was an AS3 library. At that time, the only thing using the library was embedded on a web page… which isn’t the most ideal solution if your wanting to just scan something quickly. So, I took the initiative to implement the library into an Adobe AIR app that can be run on basically any system. I call it QRreader. Download it HERE

Note: I have moved all the info and download links for QRreader to

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  1. Great ideas ,.it is really very useful. It not only makes our life more convenient, but also improves our life quality greatly. but i think You can have more information about it to improve yours on “onbarcode” website.

  2. Thanks! It installed and works on my XP machine. By the way, I use the same WP Theme on my blog but I combined it with Sliding Doors.

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  4. I installed QR reader on Windows 7 64 bits and it worked right away. My question is: sometimes it does not recognize the qr code at all. Or the red corners light up for only a short moment and nothing happens. I tried printed qr codes and qr codes in pictures on my monitor (camera in my laptop). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Mac users should use this with CamTwist. You can easily scan anything (like what your mouse is pointing at) and do things like gamma adjust when the light conditions aren’t right.

  6. Worked first time for me on Dell XPS M1530 running 32 bit Vista.
    I used the built in webcam.
    Must try it using a USB web cam to see if it is easier to scan.

    One thing would be good – if you could read a QR code from the clipboard.
    Quite a few web pages include a QR code an an image and it would be nice to copy&paste into the decoding app.



  7. Any chance we can get the full air code? I’d like to incorporate something similar into a project, and the linked source code in the post isn’t really much source code at all.

  8. Hello

    Great app, I testted on Win7 (64-bit), hope it works well on OS X 10.7 🙂

    I have one problem – URLs wont open automatically, but, also, when URL read it is shown within window but onClick it wont open in browser…???

    Thank you,

  9. Díky moc jste mi pomohly 🙂 už mi jdou číst QR kódy a to mam Windows 7 a Å¡lape to. (ten QR kód se musí dát tak aby strany qr kodu nebyly zÅ¡ikmené musejí mít pravý úhel)

  10. I am wondering if a person can use this software to scan with a camera that is linked to the pc via the internet. Example: My “PC webcam” I guess you could call it, is an iPod Touch gen 4 with an app that broadcasts the video over an IP address through the internet. In order to see the video coming from the iPod, you have to open Firefox and go to “”. Can I make this work with this software (it’s the only webcam I have…)?

  11. I had a lot of trouble getting a code to scan last evening when I downloaded this program. In fact, I couldn’t do it. It wouldn’t beep, and opened a blank window. But this morning I reopened the program and tried again, and I think with the room being all lit up by the daylight it worked fine.

  12. Is it possible to take a picture of the QR code on a movie poster in a theatre with a regular digital camera and then upload it to one of the free readers to read the code?

  13. Hm, the interpretation library used appears to have its difficulties with QR Code colours other than black, as they are becoming fashionable recently – even if the provided contrast is still quite high, like e.g. with a dark red.

  14. I have given up on this after two hours, in a well-lit room, trying to hold a QR code steady in front of my webcam and hoping against hope that the little black square box next to my webcam actually bursts into life!

    I am an old person nowadays (but I still know what I’m doing on a computer), so time wasted in waiting for this reader to finally work is time I can ill afford to lose.

    Perhaps somebody could write a bit more info on how to make this thing work would benefit many, I am sure. As for me, I’m back off to Google to see if I can try and get a reader for my (also) ageing Nokia!

  15. Works great on win7 you have to adjust your web camera take it off of face tracking and adjust the pan zoom. I adjusted it alway down to the minus. I used Kaywa QR-Code Generator and made my own business card cool.

  16. Work on Win7 64bit.

    BUT – it takes FOREVER (2 seconds) to scan and decode, must be held flat and steady, and evenly lit. My cellphone is way too heavy for the amount of time it takes to scan.

  17. mc book air MacOS 10.7; doesn’t work fast; takes over 5 s to scan; insensitive under medium light conditions; must be bright lighting to work. needs further development; good start though…

  18. This is a great app! Just wondering if it’s possible to view a history of scanned QR codes? And does the history have a timestamp?


  19. Your webcam must be set to normal view NOT mirrored.
    This suxs be cause most people run in mirrored mode.

    I have this same issue in qmarks.

    Until these Devs put an option to disable or invert mirrored mode, it will be an issue.

  20. I can get the webcam to read the code and ‘bleep’ but it’s not doing anything with the info! (just a string of characters not recognisable as a url) Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

  21. Hi..this application is quite good bt it generates the same problem which are often to seen in the QR code takes time to read..need to rotate in many angles nd believe me at one point I got frustrated..just read one QR code which came with QR code wiki article..failed to read the QR which I generated nd it need to expand for the other formats in short basic problem of taking time to read and angle with respect to distance remains unsolved with this application to..need to figure out the solution for those object..can any reader will be able to read QR code from the picture taken by web-cam..need to put light on its possibility…ur replies are most welcome..let’s discuss..probably we can fix the problem exists in this application 🙂

  22. It’s okay, but it sucks in all light levels. It really needs to be more developed for different light situations, oh well, good job….I guess. D:

  23. Hello, I have a big doubt I would like you to help me to solve! I want to change the content, the link of one of my qr codes but I made it static through this website
    Now my question is, is there any chance to change a qr static code into one able to be changed? Thank you very much! I would really appreciate your help because I’m in an urgency and I’m desperate.
    Thank you so much!

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