Desktop QR Code Scanner.

Current Version: 1.5
Last updated: June 21, 2012
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Adobe AIR is REQUIRED to run QRreader.
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Apr. 25, 2012:
Mac OSX Only: The latest version of Adobe AIR (3.3) has broken QRreader. If you're having issues, please uninstall Adobe AIR, and install an older version of AIR (3.0). Download AIR 3.0 for Mac OSX

About QRreader:
QRreader is a Desktop application for scanning/reading QR Codes using your computer's webcam.

How to use QRreader:
1: Make sure you have a working webcam and Adobe AIR installed.
2: Download and install QRreader. (see download links above)
3: Get a scan-able QR code (generated on a device, or printed)
4: Hold up the QR code to your webcam. Making sure your webcam can see the entire code, and that your code is evenly lit.
5: If done correctly, the white brackets will turn red. Then you will hear a *beep* sound once the code has been read properly.

To Adjust Settings:
Click on the Cog Icon in the upper left corner of QRreader.

QRreader Source Code

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Features 1.5:
* Better Code Reading! Thanks to Kasper Kamperman and Quasimondo
* Video Flip Feature in Settings

Features 1.3:
*Camera drop down list
*Open URLs Automatically
*Beep sound when code is scanned
*Save Preferences