Android App: Draw(er)

Draw(er) ranked 3rd best Artistic app for Android on in 2011. More Info

Draw(er) is a drawing and sketching app for Android devices. The various tools in Draw(er) give you a new perspective on drawing. So your basic lines, turn into works of art!

The app originally started out as a way for me to learn Java, and the Android SDK, but it has evolved into a semi-port of Ricardo Cabello‘s HTML5 drawing app, Harmony. It’s not exactly a true port, but it shows off the basics and it was a fun learning experience. I hope to keep updating it, and eventually add more to it. Follow me on Twitter for any future updates.

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11 Replies to “Android App: Draw(er)”

  1. This is a need tool (even if it does eat 90% of my four cores when it runs).

    Is there any way it can be adapted to ready QR codes from the screen? I come across QR codes on web pages, in images, in downloaded TV programmes – they are not just physical printed things that that I would like to be able to read.

  2. Hi, I really like Draw(er), I think it has the best brush mode for sketching. But I will buy the full app if you improve the drawing tools and *really important* the page size with panning and zooming function like Autodesk Sketchbook…

    Let me know!

  3. Hi i can do an ordinary drawing then have to go back to my homepage to exit.i have paid but it does nothing more than the free would be appreciated.i have an android tablet if thats any help.thanks.

  4. Hey. I have an awesome use for your application. It is proven success and will take some formatting but I belive it would be a seperate app with great and huge potential. Please fell free to contact me at e-mail address below to discuss further. I will provide phone number and contact info. Not an app builder or tech savvy guy at all but what I am proposing works and is a ton of fun!

    Thanks….LOVE THE APP!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m also having trouble finding the pictures. It says it saved to external/media, but I can’t find a path like that. Moto droid.

  6. Great app, I Like it… if I can I give you some idea to implement: possibility to zoom in/out (maybe with sound up/down key) and change the way to choose color to a more intuitive one… keep up 🙂

  7. I cant find the saved images. It says its stored in external memory. I have the htc incredible if that helps.

  8. The images are saved to the same area as your Camera’s images. I’ve noticed that sometimes it takes a minute for the saved image to show up. Not sure why… But I will look for a solution, or better method to save the image.

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