Propaganda3’s Ten Year Anniversary

Propaganda3 is celebrating 10 years of business this year. So P3 thought it would celebrate by taking a look back at the last ten years. Head over to and interactively find important global events over the last decade. P3 rounded up as many events as they could dig up. Every event has a brief description pulled from Wikipedia, and displays an array of images pulled live from Google Image Search. Some events will even pull your Facebook Wall posts from around the time of the event (if you give it permission). Hope you enjoy the experience!

Big thanks to Cello and everyone at Propaganda3 for making this project possible. Had a lot of fun helping work on it. I was the lead developer on the project. I implemented the Google Image Search API, as well as the “Wikipedia Scraper”. I also built the circular timeline view of the project and the dynamic Event info page.

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  1. I love your Macintosh desktop qr reader. However, it recently stopped working. I read on the comments on your blog site that the latest update to Adobe Air may have caused it to stop working. Can you tell me a fix? I tried to uninstall air and put on an earlier version but I’ve not had any luck.

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