Did a little playing around with GoogleAPI for AS3, and I made gnib. Enter in a word or phrase into the search box. It will then pull random images from your search, and let you “draw” using the images.

FYI: Safe search is OFF, so be careful what you search for, it could be NSFW. 😛

FLARToolKit: Augmented Reality Test

FLARToolkit Test

Just came across this bad ass AS3 toolkit called FLARToolKit.

“FLARToolkit will detect the marker from an input image and calculate the camera position in the three dimension space” = Augmented Reality!

To sum it up, it allows you to make 3D computer generated objects appear like they are a part of reality.

I originally found out about this technology on the site So I did some research, and figured out how to make my own!

To see the 3D model you will need a webcam, and you will need to either print this symbol, or display it on your phone, or on a separate monitor.

Click Here to try it out

Also check out GE’s smartgrid for a better example of this technology.