Desktop QR Code Reader

What are QR Codes?:
A QR code is a lot like a barcode you see on most products. QR codes are a great way to share information like websites and contact info. They can be scanned using your camera equipped device and a proper QR code processing app (For Android, I use the Barcode Scanner App, and on iPhone I use QR Reader for iPhone.) Once the code is scanned and processed, it takes you directly to the URL on your device, or shows you whatever else was encoded in the QR code. I love the ease ability of QR codes, just a quick scan, and the content is on your device. For Example, there is a great plug-in for Google Chrome called QR-Code Tag (For Firefox there’s Mobile Barcode) which lets you generate a QR code for the site you are currently viewing. This is super handy if your reading an article, and need to take it on the go. So, what about reading a QR code from your phone to your desktop computer? Well, surprisingly that wasn’t as easy. I spent some time digging around the internet, and could not find a good cross-platform application for reading QR codes onto your desktop computer. The only thing I found that was somewhat close, was an AS3 library. At that time, the only thing using the library was embedded on a web page… which isn’t the most ideal solution if your wanting to just scan something quickly. So, I took the initiative to implement the library into an Adobe AIR app that can be run on basically any system. I call it QRreader. Download it HERE

Note: I have moved all the info and download links for QRreader to



Did a little playing around with GoogleAPI for AS3, and I made gnib. Enter in a word or phrase into the search box. It will then pull random images from your search, and let you “draw” using the images.

FYI: Safe search is OFF, so be careful what you search for, it could be NSFW. 😛

FLARToolKit: Augmented Reality Test

FLARToolkit Test

Just came across this bad ass AS3 toolkit called FLARToolKit.

“FLARToolkit will detect the marker from an input image and calculate the camera position in the three dimension space” = Augmented Reality!

To sum it up, it allows you to make 3D computer generated objects appear like they are a part of reality.

I originally found out about this technology on the site So I did some research, and figured out how to make my own!

To see the 3D model you will need a webcam, and you will need to either print this symbol, or display it on your phone, or on a separate monitor.

Click Here to try it out

Also check out GE’s smartgrid for a better example of this technology.