Propaganda3’s Ten Year Anniversary

Propaganda3 is celebrating 10 years of business this year. So P3 thought it would celebrate by taking a look back at the last ten years. Head over to and interactively find important global events over the last decade. P3 rounded up as many events as they could dig up. Every event has a brief description pulled from Wikipedia, and displays an array of images pulled live from Google Image Search. Some events will even pull your Facebook Wall posts from around the time of the event (if you give it permission). Hope you enjoy the experience!

Big thanks to Cello and everyone at Propaganda3 for making this project possible. Had a lot of fun helping work on it. I was the lead developer on the project. I implemented the Google Image Search API, as well as the “Wikipedia Scraper”. I also built the circular timeline view of the project and the dynamic Event info page.

P3 Experience Site

P3 has finally launched it’s newest project. The P3 Experience Site! Utilizing Flash and Unity3D, this project is much more then just your basic website.

The story starts at The Corporation. A place where websites are sold as templates, and all the employees are mindless drones. You are the rouge who plants the P3 machine, in hopes to overtake The Corporation and free the world from it’s mindlessness. With the help of Viridian Disciple, you must journey to The Corporation’s main server core and reroute the servers. Go now, before all is lost!

Everyone at P3 and Bazillion!

Cameron Calder – Creative Director / Designer
Dan Long – Unity3D Developer / Game Concept
Jeff Longshore – Flash Site Developer
Joe Baehr – Writer / Story Concept / Project Manager
Dave Stewart – Story Concept
Marcelo Vergara – Story Concept
Jeff Beith – Producer / Art Direction
Noel Selders – Sound Design / Music
Marshall Miller – 3D Textures / Modeling / Design / Animation
Robert Grace – 3D Textures / Modeling / Design / Animation
Tyler Keith – 3D Cinemas / Textures / Compositing
Dave Humunczuk – 3D Modeling
Brian Lynus – 3D Modeling / Textures / Cinemas / Animation

FLARToolKit: Augmented Reality Test

FLARToolkit Test

Just came across this bad ass AS3 toolkit called FLARToolKit.

“FLARToolkit will detect the marker from an input image and calculate the camera position in the three dimension space” = Augmented Reality!

To sum it up, it allows you to make 3D computer generated objects appear like they are a part of reality.

I originally found out about this technology on the site So I did some research, and figured out how to make my own!

To see the 3D model you will need a webcam, and you will need to either print this symbol, or display it on your phone, or on a separate monitor.

Click Here to try it out

Also check out GE’s smartgrid for a better example of this technology.