Game Archive: iOS App

I’m back! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted on my site, but I finally pulled myself away from work and decided to… do more work! So, I built an iOS App for tracking your video game collection called Game Archive!

The Story:
What made me want to build this was because of a problem I had… I have too many video games on my bucket list (hundreds of video games…), and I didn’t have a great way to keeping track of them all. It started out as a small list of games on my phone using the Notes app. Soon that got too messy to manage, so I turned it into a fancy spreadsheet with nifty colors. After some time messing with that, I finally realized “Maybe someone made an app for tracking my games”. To my surprise, there were a small handful of apps made for tracking your video game collection! SWEET, now let’s find the best one and get my video game list managed, or so I thought…

After downloading and playing around with about 6-7 similar apps. I found that most of them were pretty terrible… bad UI, confusing UX, unstable, etc… but a couple had potential. So I picked the “best” one and starting using it. After using the “best” app for awhile, I found things about it that bugged me. The app would crash every now and then, and I kept thinking of ways to make the app better, but kept saying “I’ll just deal with this for now”. Eventually, I couldn’t take it any longer… I HAD to fix these issues. So I told myself “If I can build a working prototype over this weekend… then I’m going to make this happen!”. After a couple sleepless nights of a weekend Hack-a-ton, I was able to build the first prototype! Game Archive was born!

I was fairly happy with the prototype… but it lacked lots of features and needed lots of polish. So I spent the next month coding in my spare-time, playing around with the app, seeing where improvements could be made. I even had a few friends test it out and give me some helpful feedback. After many revisions and tweaks… I’m finally proud to present version 1.0 of Game Archive!

Currently it’s iOS only, but I may port it to Android someday… If you are a video game collector like me, and are wanting a quick and easy way to manage your game library, check it out and let me know what you think! Screenshots posted below.

About The App:
Game Archive makes tracking your video game collection simple!

If you’re a gamer then you probably have tons of amazing video games across various platforms, but have no easy way to keep track of which ones you’ve played or want to play. Game Archive hopes to fix that problem!

To make it simple, Game Archive has 3 lists you manage.

Backlog: Games you own and want to play, or are currently playing.
Archive: Games you’ve completed or are done with for now.
Wishlist: Games you want, but don’t haveā€¦ yet.

Notable Features:

  • Quick system for adding Games
  • Rate games you’ve played and mark your favorites.
  • Quickly view “How long to beat?” info
  • Easily pull up Reviews and YouTube videos
  • Nice Dark UI makes it easy on the eyes
  • Import and Export your games as a CSV file

The app is 100% FREE. There is a Tip Jar, but I mostly made this app for my love of gaming! Enjoy!

Game data provided by GiantBomb


When I first discovered the logic puzzle games known as Nonograms. I became very intrigued by them and spent countless hours playing them on my phone and laptop. Eventually, I started running out of puzzles to solve… So, instead of hunting for more, I decided to take a stab at building my own Nonogram style game that could generate an unlimited amount of puzzles for me to solve. A few days later, I built my first prototype, and NonoBlock was born. (Click here to check out the prototype!) It was still very rough around the edges and wasn’t the prettiest game ever, but it was enjoyable and I had some fun trying to solve the randomly generated puzzles it created. Till I got bored again…

I wanted to take things a step further. Instead of solving 2D puzzles, I wanted to solve 3D puzzles! Digging around the web I found a few 3D Nonogram style games, but wasn’t happy with how they were approached. They didn’t feel the same as the simple 2D Nonogram games I enjoyed. Then it finally hit me… Layers! Why not keep the puzzles 2D, but make the overall goal a 3D object. So, instead of solving a single layer 2D puzzle, you were solving a multi layer 3D puzzle!

About a week or so later, I had a new working prototype with 3D puzzles. It was fun, and kept the old 2D feel of most Nonogram games. Over the next few weeks, I started to polish out the gameplay. Did a bit of researching other Nonogram games to see what gameplay worked or didn’t really work. Eventually, I had a pretty solid game put together. My only problem… it wasn’t very pretty… So I called up my good friend Cameron, and he gladly gave NonoBlock a much needed makeover. After lots of testing, polishing, more testing and more polishing… We finally had a product ready for public release! Which brings me to the final product. NonoBlock!

NonoBlock is a logic puzzle game designed in the spirit of nonogram puzzles, but in a 3D environment. Instead of solving one layered puzzles, the player is presented with multiple layers to decipher. The reward is presented when the last layer is peeled away, and the completed voxel art is shown.

It has tons of 3D puzzles to solve, as well as an “Endless Mode”, for when you don’t ever want to stop playing. You can also build your own puzzles, then send them to friends, or upload them to the Community portal for everyone to see.

Download it for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Linux at!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy NonoBlock!